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Acrylic (Plastic) Dentures

For partial dentures, we offer two different denture price ranges, to suit every individual's requirements and budgets. Each denture is made to the highest quality and custom made to match the needs of each individual patient. The dentures will usually take 4-6 weeks to make, with appointments on a weekly basis to complete this. The two ranges are:

  • Superior; good quality teeth and high impact acrylic
  • Elite; same as the Superior, but with more fine detail i.e. life-like gums, reproducible jaw movements and individual tooth space, size and shade.
  • Sunflex® Dentures; these are a new type of denture which are virtually invisible, unbreakable, lightweight and comfortable (available in partial dentures only.)

For a full set of dentures we offer the B.P.S© System. These Bespoke dentures use the highest quality teeth and acrylic. These dentures are exclusively constructed by Brendan Hudson, Dental Technician of the year 2004.


Metal (Chrome/Cobalt) Based Dentures

We offer patients a choice of metal- based dentures which are an alternative to the traditional acrylic dentures. The metal- based dentures have several advantages:

  1. They are stronger and therefore harder to break meaning they have a longer life-span.
  2. They are designed to cover less of the oral tissues so they normally feel less "bulky" and improve taste sensation.
  3. They are healthier for teeth and gums.

Overall metal dentures usually feel more comfortable. Metal-based dentures will take on average 2 weeks longer to make than the acrylic dentures

More details and price lists are available on request