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Dental crownsCrowns

Crowns are what were previously called "caps". They are constructed to restore teeth that are heavily filled, discoloured, root filled, broken or malaligned. The crowning of a tooth involves removal of a certain amount of tooth substance and then the fitting of a custom laboratory made crown a week or so later. Crowns can be made for all teeth and are constructed from porcelain, gold alloy or a combination of both. Crowns can improve the appearance of a tooth and are stronger than large fillings.


Bridges are fixed restorations that fill the gaps left by missing or extracted teeth. They are not removed for cleaning unlike dentures and are cemented onto one or two adjacent teeth.

There are two main types of bridge

Conventional bridge- artificial tooth or teeth (Pontic crown/s) are fixed to adjacent teeth by means of retaining crowns. This means one or more adjacent teeth have to be prepared for the retaining crowns. There are three types

  • Cantilever: cemented to one adjacent tooth.
  • Fixed-Fixed: cemented to one tooth either side of the gap.
  • Fixed- Moveable: similar to the fixed-fixed but have a stress breaker i.e. shock absorber.

Adhesive Bridge- these bridges involve little or no preparation of the adjacent teeth. The artificial tooth (Pontic) is cemented behind the adjacent tooth/ teeth by means of a gold alloy "wing"

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