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From Monday 15th June the Beeches Dental practice will start face to face dental treatment, as I’ve posted previously this will be limited in both the treatment we are able to provided and to the number of patients that can be seen. The reason for this is the new COVID restrictions placed on primary dental care.

I have previously gone through who we will be able to see in this initial phase. Now I want to run through what these initial appointments will entail.

Alex will contact you to arrange the appointment, if you are in the vulnerable group we will try to book you the first appointment of the day. You will be sent a pre-appointment assessment letter. In the letter there will be questions about your COVID status and medical history(a new and up to date medical history is particularly important at this time). It will also have information of how the appointment will proceed. This should be returned either electronically or physically at least 24 hrs before the appointment if possible.

On the day of the appointment please arrive as close as possible to your appointment time and wait outside.

When we are ready for you, one of the nurses will come to the door and ask you to come inside. She will then ask you questions about your COVID status (if you answer yes to any of these question we will be unable to see you and recommend you go home and self-isolate). She will take your temperature and ask you to place any personal items(coats, bags and mobile telephones) in a large box. She will ask you to use the hand sanitiser and then guide you to the treatment room. Try to avoid touching any surfaces especially the door handles. We are employing a one way and social distancing system in the practice. There will be arrows on the walls and markings on the floor to help with this.

Once you have reached the treatment room you will enter and the dentist and dental assistant will greet you. The dentist and assistant will be wearing appropriate PPE so it will be strange especially with the respirator mask that will need to worn. Wearing of these masks makes it difficult to talk in so if you do not understand anything please let the dentist or assistant know and we will endeavour to make it clearer. We will outline the treatment we feel is appropriate at this time(you may need to return for definitive treatment when the COVID alert level is lowered and appropriate). If you agree then treatment will be carried out. If you were due an examination and hygiene appointment these can be carried out at the same time.

Once treatment is completed, the guiding nurse will ask you to sanitise your hands and guide you out of the practice after pick up any personal items you left on entering the practice.

Payments will be taken later. This can be done by bank transfer, debit/credit card and cheque. A member of staff will contact you with more details. We would be grateful if you would return the post appointment consent form.
I will try to post a video of how this all works in practice(if my editing skills will allow!)

We appreciate this is all very daunting for everyone but hopefully we will be able to return to the “old normal” relatively soon.

As always keep safe and thank you for all your support and continued patience over this difficult time.

From All at the Beeches.