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Aleisha Brace Journal 15/05/17

Dear reader,

It is the 15/05/17 today. I am getting braces put on tomorrow.

I’m nervous but excited because I know I’m in safe hands.

If you are reading this you are probably on my dentist’s blog page.

I hope you are not scared about getting braces your orthodontist is very well trained.

I wish this journal helps you.

I have already had a brace that you can take in and out with head gear before this but I don’t need it any more. I had it on because I had an incompetent lip seal (I couldn’t close my lips for a long period of time.)

That really helped and I feel more confident knowing my teeth are ok and I think I will feel even more confident when my teeth are straight. I have to go know I hope to write to you tomorrow after I have had the brace fitted.

bye !!