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(29th May 2020)

As you may have seen on the news, dental practices will be allowed to open on the 8 June.
Although it was announced at the Prime Ministers press conference today, for the dental profession it has come out of the blue, as this morning the Chief Dental Officer of England said that it would be a gradual and phased return and no date had been set.The difficulty we have with reopening is there is little or no guidance on how we can return to work practically and safely. There is also the well documented lack or limited availability of appropriate PPE.
Over the weekend, all the practices in the hub will be looking into what we can do to ensure we can prepare our practices correctly for our safe return to clinical treatment, ensuring the health and safety of ourselves, our staff and more importantly our loyal and wonderful patients. We are hoping over the next few days there will be some more clear information and a standard operating procedure from the relevant authorities that all practices should adhere to.
Please only contact the surgery if you have any dental problems and we will be in touch with you to arrange your routine appointments when we have fully returned. Keep looking at our websites and Facebook pages for up to date information over the next few days.
Once again we must thank you all for your continued support and understanding at this unique and difficult time.
Keep safe and hopefully see you all soon

Aleisha Brace Journal 17/05/17

aleisha brace2 2


Hello it’s the 17/05/17 the teeth feel a bit sore but everything seems to be fine. TIP: rinse with cold/iced water it seems to feel better/ not as bad. TIP2: take some pain relief if it’s really bad but don’t take a lot don’t even take five just take what the instructions say. They are normally on the back of the packet. ESSENTIALS: TOOTH BRUSH (the special kind) TOOTH PASTE (put a little on your tooth brush) MOUTH WASH (this is not an essential but it is help full but don’t think having mouthwash will substitute tooth brushing.)   Bye!!!!:)